ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a 501 (c)(3) located in the heart of the NW Goldberg neighborhood, aims to acquire and improve upon vacant land and property in NW Goldberg to encourage economic development, environmental ownership and residential resurgence through artistic expression.


  • Raise awareness and pride in being a NW Goldberg resident
  • Increase value of housing stock through appraisals, sales and comparables in NW Goldberg
  • Introduce community green spaces for youth, aging residents and newcomers in NW Goldberg
  • Provide communal spaces for artistic expression and display, celebrating the historic importance of NW Goldberg
  • Establish a healthy entrepreneurial eco-system based in NW Goldberg that services the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods


The following are initiatives of ORIGINAL CREATIVITY:

We are dedicated to doing things a little bit differently. While creating enjoyable spaces for the neighborhood to experience, we intend to commission art installations and murals that celebrate NW Goldberg history and its future. Working hard to establish a platform open to the public for spoken word nights and other family-friendly programming for everyone. 

We aim to create opportunities for neighbors and artists to express themselves in ways that will bring life to vacant lots through depictions on murals. Artists with the input from neighbors will have creative license to capture the heritage of NW Goldberg through their art displays for the public to enjoy.

We care about accessibility to quality foods and what our neighbors are consuming. Investing in a sustainable future, we understand that food options located strategically throughout the neighborhood will help to ensure that residents have harvestable food as a healthy meal option. We promise to offer free produce for residents in the NW Goldberg area to further our investment in the community.

We know that neighborhood revitalization starts with existing residents. With that in mind, we are dedicated to providing formerly blighted lots for the use of NW Goldberg resident's ideas. Whether that be an art installation, a playscape for neighborhood kids or a space for people to congregate, we aim to ensure that the residents play an integral role in the future of their neighborhood.

We are driven by our desire to see blighted land converted into manageable and self-sustainable spaces. Our commitment to creating usable spaces throughout the NW Goldberg neighborhood is just one way we hope to encourage community engagement. It is our goal to keep these spaces clean and available for neighborhood use.